The year 2014-2015, vaping industry developed very rapidly, mountains of ecigarette related products push to market. Vapers struggle their minds to choose their best budget and cost-effective toys, from the early starter kits – mech mods- high watts box mods-TC mods. What IJOY always do is thinking vapers’ needs, combine with advanced ideas to bring the best products.


How can IJOY stand out in the fierce competition? Regardless of the past creative products, today we’re going to talk about the brilliant “Taste Control” to vapers.


To answer this question, let’s expound what’s “temp control” firstly. Temp control, as the name suggest, using temperature to control the device working to prevent it from being dry hit. Thus provide dry hit prevention, that’s the temp control finally achieved, as the technical limitations, common temp control mods in market just can achieve this for Ni, Ti, and some work for stainless steel.".

Taste control, it’s another method to clarify the temp control, we’d more like to call it – constant temperature taste control, for short called taste control. To control the constant temperature via the output power (Q=IUt=Pt), to reach the temperature limitation then temperature protection, and finally achieve the protection of the coils being burnt down effectively.

Until now, Ijoy applied this technology to IJOY ASOLO 200W mod and the newest coming IJOY SOLO MINI 75W mod. When using it, vapers can choose their own personal favorite taste/flavor setting the device, it’s FIRST and ONLY method to achieve the Kanthal dry hit regulation in market so far. United states famous reviewer test the ASOLO 200W mod in his channel before, and give this unique “taste control” a big thumb up. Here is the video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sHPUn9xUH4“Health, Fashion, Innovation, Quality”, Ijoy following these tips, and always stand by customers’ side. Let’s stay tuned for the newest coming IJOY SOLO MINI 75W TC mod, fresh your throat.

We here solemnly declare to the customers who have already known it is a fake and inferior product but still purchase, IJOY shall not be held responsible for any damages caused by using the fake product.

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