Giveaway Winners Announcement

Dear all IJOY fans:

The recently giveaway of Christmas and New Year is almost finished. The newest round of giveaway on Instagram began on Jan 8,2018. Welcome to enter!



These are the giveaway winners on Facebook.

The first round winners

1. Dillon ReganElite PS2170 Kit

2. Farren McDonaldCaptain X3 Box

3. Deborah M.SchwichtenbergCapo SRDA Kit

4. Jessica CantrellCapo SRDA Kit

5. David SandallCaptain PD270 Box


The second round winners

1. Cody ParsonsCaptain X3 Box

2. Ben AndrewsCapo SRDA Kit

3. Nora AldoElite PS2170 Kit

4. Tracey WatersCaptain PD270 Box


The third round winners

1. Sab BirdyCaptain X3 Box

2. Lex VapesCaptain PD270 Box

3. Ian AditiaCaptain PD270 Box

4. daas nib nawfasElite PS2170 Kit

5. Imam Thanthawi JauhariCapo SRDA Kit


The fourth round winners

1. Sirio mouriño Captain PD270 Box

2. Victorio deriuCaptain PD270 Box

3. kierk getaruelasCapo SRDA Kit

4. John Modugno Captain X3 Box

5. Tina ConleyElite PS2170 Kit



These are the giveaway winners on Instagram.

The first round winners

1. Clouds_of_chaos(Capo SRDA Kit)

2. Ksimmons3290 (Capo SRDA Kit)

3. Eldokaligis(Capo SRDA Kit)

4. Dmazar  Colombia(Capo SRDA Kit)

5. Italovaper German(Capo SRDA Kit)

The second round winners

1. Anton_mzd5Captain X3 Kit

2. chain_wireCaptain X3 Kit

3. JanelladuboisCaptain X3 Kit

4. MichalsuryCaptain X3 Kit

5. dampfkingCaptain X3 Kit


The third round winners

1. its_a_new_day_everydayCaptain PD270 Box-Exclude battery

2. vapecleoCaptain PD270 Box-Exclude battery

3. vape_queen1989Elite PS2170 Kit

4. luke.vapeCaptain PD270 Box-Exclude battery

5. deathcorevaperCaptain PD270 Box-Exclude battery


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