In order to build a good relationship with local vape stores and provide superb service to our customers, we decide to establish IJOY Global Stores Group. We will begin with local vape stores in the United States firstly.

If you are the staff or owner of a local vape store ,we can provide your vape store with the following service.


1.First-hand information of IJOY products

2.Free samples of IJOY new products

3.Official marketing materials

4.Professional technical support

5.Customers directed to your store


How to join IJOY Global Stores Group?

1. You should be the staff or owner of a local vape store in the United States.

2. Email the following information to wholesale@ijoycig.com

1> Brief introduction of your vape store

2> Pictures of your vape store

3> Products in your vape store and sales volume

3. Follow @ijoyglobal on Instagram

4. Follow @IJOY Technology and @IJOY fans club on Facebook

If you are the staff or owner of a local vape store in the United States, please contact us as soon as possible. If you are not, please tell your local vape stores this good news. We are waiting for you!


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