Important Notice for Captain pd1865 in UK market

IJOY officially only have 4 distributors selling Captain pd1865 products in UK market at this moment
They are:

KING OF VAPE ( as known Lucky cash and carry)


All Captain pd1865 products from our authorized distributors must use their unique packages which have a UK product mark on the side of box. IJOY only do after service and pay responsibilities on our official products with unique packages. Any Captain pd1865 products without unique packages and authorization in UK market are fake items. WE DON’T DO ANY SERVICE AND PUT GUARANTEE ON FAKE ITEMS.

As we mentioned, we don’t do service and put guarantee on fake items, so IJOY suggest any distributors or customers have fake items or unauthorized Captain pd1865 products, please stop selling them. IJOY owns the trademark ownership of Captain pd1865. We reserve the right to pursue for any unauthorized sales activity by legal actions in UK.

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