The iJoy TSS coil is a convenient pre-made coil that will initially launch with the iJoy Tornado RTA (that I wrote about last week). While the coils will debut with the Tornado tank, expect them to be available separately shortly after the launch of the Tornado RTA. Similar to the Notch Coil by Wismec, the iJoy TSS offers the surface area of a Clapton coil, the fast ramp-up time of a traditional coil, and the convenience of a pre-made coil. Here’s a quick look at the iJoy TSS.

The main “barrel” section of the iJoy TSS is made out of stainless steel. The legs of the coil are made out of nickel. This setup allows the coil to operate in temperature control mode, as well as standard wattage mode.

The iJoy TSS will be available in two sizes. The 5mm diameter coil will work great in atomizers with ample decks, like the iJoy Tornado. For atomizers with smaller decks or for vapers that want to use multiple coils in their atomizers, a 3.5mm version will be available too. The latter version also answers a concern some vapers had with the Notch Coil — that the atypically large diameter (of the model announced) would be too large to work with in certain atomizers.

I’m digging the trend of barrel-style pre-made coils like the iJoy TSS and Wismec Notch Coil. The blend of flavor, convenience, and surface area looks fantastic to me. That said, both coils use nickel legs and I wish they didn’t. I’m sure there’s a technical reason for it that’s beyond my understanding, but vaping with nickel — even a minimal amount as featured in the iJoy TSS — make me uncomfortable.

Hopefully future version of the iJoy TSS will be entirely stainless steel. On paper, the form factor is tremendous and offers vapers — particularly those that don’t make their own coils — a superior vaping experience. I can’t wait to try out the iJoy TSS, both with the Tornado RTA and in my arsenal of drippers. Until the coil lands, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the iJoy TSS. Share your opinions in the comments section when you have a moment (please).

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