iJoy adhere to the innovative design from ijoy founded.In the early 2013, the eGo ce4 is popular in market, ijoy launched a atomizer with airflow adjustable – FAATANK(first adjustable airflow tank), and then we applied the patent and owned it(patent: ZL 2013 2 0519769.5), after that, the vaping industry begin the atomizer airflow adjustable era. We are proud we do tremendous contributions to our loved vaping industry, but at that time, iJoy is not a big name to customers, our FAATANK haven’t caught enough awareness. But after that, many Shenzhen companies applied the airflow adjustable structure, we did not protest.

Come to 2014, the vaping industry was facing a big change, vapers are chasing big clouds, then sub ohm tanks made out. Some factories success by imitating the Atlantis of Aspire, iJoy raised our own sub ohm tank—ACME too, but without the similar structure of Atlantis. Take the common sub ohm tank high wattage with high temp into consideration, we designed the top intaking airflow cooling structure, and owned the patent (patent: ZL 2014 2 0818977.X). Looking back from the end of 2015, ACME is advanced market about one year, because as the truth, in April,2015, some Shenzhen factories begin using this structure. We can say that, mostly top intaking airflow adjustment atomizers structure are for reference ijoy ACME.

After ACME, ijoy was hard working in another atomizer, which both with original design and can be loved by customers. Finally pays off, our coming list REAPER, REAPER PLUS, REAPER RTA, REAPER GEEK, and ICC porous innovative ceramic coil, until now, we launched REAPER, REAPER PLUS.

REAPER PLUS is a powerful vaping kit, coil made by food grade 316L stainless steel and Clapton material, also with the RBDA coil, which users can DIY their own taste coils. Reaper plus designed with top intake airflow cooling system and airflow adjustable (patent: ZL 2014 2 0818977.X、ZL 2013 2 0519769.5), When vape at high wattage, users can adjust the top air hole for enough air inhaling. Please close the bottom oil hole when filling Reaper Plus, top side filling can avoid leakage cause by gravity and air pressure. With Gold plated connect pin to make sure better conductive.All components can be detached when user’s need replace Silicone Ring and glass tube.Ijoy R&D worked for a year for this extremely powerful tank, each vape lovers worthy to own one.

Ijoy ICC(Innovative Ceramic Coil) utilize the innovative microporous ceramic core environmental health materials, more than 1 year time, IJOY R&D team invest more than 40w dollars, experience countless examination, update production technology and formula, ultimately we made it.

Greatly innovation and improvement than other ceramic coils ICC does, it solves high-temperature Oxidation problem of heating coils and the e-juice suction problem. It vapes great with all kinds proportions of PG, VG e-juice, the ICC material is more solid, and we make it high wattage huge vapor.

ICC coil owns 8 points here: Healthey and Environmental, Filtering impurities, Dry hit prevention, Huge vapor cloud, Without cotton design, High-temperature resistant, Best feeling taste, Long Ligespan.

With the courage to explore new tech all the way, Ijoy adhere to try and break in new technology. Customer first, experience is king, with personality, IJOY all team hold the belief to original design and best service.

Special Declare: Recently, since iJoy reaper plus be launched, some ecig peers slander ijoy without any negotiations with IJOY, we received cares from our customers at home and abroad, thanks for the supports and trusts IJOY ers to us, appreciated it very much, you are the best. IJOY respect original designs and take customers needs into consideration. But we are fearless, we would protect us if necessary. 
PS: top intake airflow cooling system (patent: ZL 2014 2 0818977.X) 
airflow adjustable (patent:ZL 2013 2 0519769.5)

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