IJOY is a company which owns self R&D team as the leading electronic cigarette technology,always insist customer is first, experience is king, with personality, adhere to original creation, to provide customers with ultimate vaping experience.
Ijoy is one of handful of China electronic cigarette manufacturer which owns self chip R&D team, never blindly follow the trend in product development, in addition to meet customer needs, we would consider on safety technical and take responsibility on it.
IJOY released the first airflow adjustment product early in 2013 -- FAATANK(First adjustable airflow tank), and has a patent, leading the airflow adjustable period, this contributed the vaping industry a lot.
And to the year 2014, vaping industry changed a lot, vapers begin use big wattage box mod, to chase for big clouds. Then IJOY offer list products of box mod, sub tank, and all original, and we first used the "Taste contro" in providing dry hit protection for all wires, including Kanthal. Our sub tank -- Acme, created the advanced top-airflow inhaling.
We take seriously on each product, and IJOY been an original powerful electronic cigarette brand. And we are ready for the brighter future all ijoy team, we are confident and looking forward more dealers to join IJOY global plan. IJOY is willing and ready with you to work for the success, let's do it.

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