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Mod or vape can't fire.

Box mod: 

Problem 1.Show message "SHORTED", or "NO atomizer"

Possible Reasons:

1. 510 connector shorts out.

2.The resistance of coil you are connecting is lower than 0.1Ω

3.Tanks/coil shorts out

Problem 2. Can't read the resistance correctly, show "ohms too low" or "ohms too high"

Possible Reason:

1. Screws are not tight down.

Problem 3. The voltage does not change while vaping

Possible Reason:

1. PCBA is damaged.

Suggestions & Solutions:

1. Please try to clean the 510 connector

2. For the problem of resistance detection error, please take off the tank ,click the fire button, and place that tank back on

3. Please make sure screws are tight on tank if you are using the RBA coil on your mod. 

4. In order to confirm whether it’s the problem of atomizer or mod, please try with other tanks or coils on your mod, and try the same tank on the other mods to check whether they work fine.

5. Please set the appropriate power according to the coil’s suggested wattage.

6. Please make sure whether the voltage has changed while vaping, if no, please try to upgrade it or replace a new one

Pen Style (No screen battery):

Possible reasons

1. Low battery            

2. Output short circuit.


Suggestions & Solutions:

1. Please try to charge it over 2 hours.   

2. Please try with other tanks or coils on your mod, and try the same tank on the other mods to check it is tank issue or battery issue, and make corresponding substitutions.

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