IJOY Captain PD270, which is the world’ first 20700 box mod in vaping industry. It creates the new era of vaping industry and breaks the traditional conception of 18650 battery mod.

With long battery life, high output power, good quality and feeling good in hand, captain PD270 has been one of the most popular box mod for vapers in the world.

Since the captain PD270 released last year, some claim that 20700 will replace the 18650 as the future of vaping. Some still think it is the world of 18650.

Well, Time will tell!

After the launch of the first 20700 box mod-captain PD270, we can see that so many factories go after IJOY and create 20700 box mod, which comes endlessly in different shapes.  

And 20700 Battery box mod has been the main trend of vape devices.

Now it is time for captain new kit to come up and stand in front of you.

There will be 22 new colors of captain PD270 New Kit! Which color will be your dream color ? 

Or you can have exclusive color for yourself! Comment below and let us know.

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red a black are my favorite colors of course i would love to vape to quit smoking cigs but i'm too broke lol
red white and blue looks good for me be on my wish list
i can not wait to get the new captain mod kit. love all the colors how about a t-shirt that comes with it.
i would so love to own one of these beast kits, i would certainly love to see it in a snakeskin design or perhaps a bronze steampunk or bronze dragon scale pattern. now i think they would be totally awesome.
Thanks for your suggestion!
also forgot to mention unfortunately still stuck my smok tank due to my kit not having a tank and would absolutely love to try one with the tank to make it perfect!
i was using smok products started with the smok stick and the priv v8 neither lasted me very long but i was highly the ijoy captain pd270 and i absolutely love it!!! im glad i made the switch!! easy to use for beginners like myself. love the black and green splatter or even the black fading into green....green being my favorite color! lol
my first mod was captain 270 and i am using it now more than year. its very good mod. will try an will be happy if my second mod will captain pd270 ii generation. about color i think polished silver will look very solid, seriously and high-end device. good luck ijoy!
Good luck to you!
hi i love ijoy and i love all the mods and i would love to have ijoy captain pd270 i love the black & green mable look(vines).i am a true fan of ijoy and love all of your product.i have the ijoy capo squonker kit i have the green one and the stainless steel ones.i love them both.i hope i can get the black&green mable look(vines) one....i am a reviewer and i would love to review this ijoy captain pd270.i thank you for your time and keepthe best mods comung our way,i love ijoy you are the very best. your friend,"pics houseofvapes"
i recently switched to the captain x3 20600. and man i love it.. only 1 downside the mode doesn't fire as fast as it should. i have to wait 2-3 seconds when it starts too fire. i was a vaporesso guy at first but my ijoy has gotten me in a hold right now! i'm a moderator for two facebook groups with over 30k followers in the netherlands an belgium. so i can promote this product to many people! and i am happy and willing to do so! and not to sound sad and needy but i had a big surgery 3 weeks ago on my neck and im still recovering... and monday i heard i have a massive hole in my brain(braindamage) all result of a car crash. so winning this would brighten my life so much becuase everything seems to go in the shitter.. but anyway my best friend has two vapeshops in the netherlands called "de vrolijke damper" and i can make sure they promote the product there as well! the online shop vrolijkedamper.nl is not fully finished yet but its vaporesso branded.. it could become ijoy? haha anyway would love to win and my favorite color is rainbow!
have ijoy captain pd270 and i should say that it is the best mod i have ever owned. i used mods from smok, aspire, vaporesso, you name it, and none of them actually survived while every other mod their chips just stop working after few months. i do actually take care of my mods and never them of abuse them in any way and never vape above 80 watts. so i guess ijoy is just so good at what they do and i cant wait to try their new device if i have the chance. if i win this then any colour would do but if i didnt, then im still going to buy it.
Thanks for your great support! Good luck to you.
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