IJOY Avenger 270 Kit- The first ever “AI”  Voice Control Mod , the Avenger 270, a box mod utilizes a 1.3 inch color OLED screen that displays an array of essential data to the user and features a full temperature control suite.

By saying,” Hello, IJOY”, users will activate the voice recognition prompt. You will be able to change various power settings, lock or unlock your device and change the light mode.

Currently avenger is shipping already. Lots of stores already post great pictures and videos on internet and start advertising. People who love it already ordered one.

Reviewers finished testing or under testing for the Little boy. Most of them seems very satisfied with it and show their amazed face after using the most innovative vape mod.  

We have to be proud of ourselves and have to say: AI is the future. The future is IJOY!



What did Zophie Vapes Say

“When you’re driving, voice control might be a useful thing. I mostly wanted to focus on the mod because I’ve never seen anything with voice control.”


What did VapingwithTwisted420 Say

“This device has made vaping history in two different ways. Voice control and LEDs up to sound. Its innovation and its furthering the technology.


All the color options that's great voice control that actually works that's pretty impressive this is a first. The RGB Lights I love that you can sync it up would set that is super cool.

You , Mr. Avenger are going on the wall of fame , You deserve it.”


Lets see what the viewers say from the comments.



The store posts show



Did you get the avenger 270 kit? How do you think about it?

It may not be your first vape kit, but is must be your first AI voice control kit!




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so, i recently bought a brand new avenger 270 and i was wondering if theres a way to lock wattage because it always goes up or down in my pockets
hi i've got an avenger which will not work unless a charger is connected. do you think it's worth doing the firmware update? or could it be something else?
i got my avenger from my local vape shop and i love it. the voice commands are a little gimmicky but it's cool to show off. my only complaint is the inability to change the main screen. maybe a firmware update? i guess we'll see.
Sure. Thanks for your sharing~
i just received mine in the mail the other day, and i do like it very much. the ironman colors i got mine in are fantastic. flavor is phenomenal with the mesh coil so far. only one complaint, my kit did not come with batteries like described on the box the website. i’ve contacted ijoy to get this problem resolved. hopefully they do right by their customers and hook them up the way they stated they will.
at first glance i was impressed by the beauty of the package, the champagne color is just beautiful! i think the best thing about this device that ijoy has done most assuredly is opening up to the community of people who are visually impaired. this device has abolished the need for a person to see the settings or for that matter to be reliant on another person for the information. awesome product ijoy! bless you for such a fabulous idea! you’ve not only raised the bar in every way, flavor, cloud production and quite frankly beauty, you’ve also addressed another entire area! well done and hats off! i’m in awe! i bought the mirror rainbow,(purple/blue), i love it so very much but if i find a visually impaired smoker who’s willing to quit smoking i will give up my number one son, (my ijoy avenger), because it’s the right thing to do. not a bad idea for a give away ijoy? a place i’m sure that you could find easier than i! anyway, i’m loving mine and want more colors because they’re all so beautiful and they are truly amazing flavor producers! long may you vape, with vaping love , l.j.shah
Thank you for sharing your experience. Hope IJOY will bring you more wonderful vaping life.
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