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Discover innovation, technology and power with the IJOY Avenger Mod.  The Avenger Mod is the first of its kind, with Voice Control functions to free your hands for far more important tasks.

No more grabbing for your device while driving to change wattage. No more going through menus to change color options and mode options. 

With The Avenger Mods concise commands, you have control.  Join us as IJOY brings a new age, new concept and new technologies to the future of the vape industry.

Hello IJOY. IJOY Avenger 270 released finally and ready to be with you.

Turn on/off the device? Change color? Music color? Power on/ off? And more functions can be achieved in IJOY Avenger 270 Kit.

To celebrate the release of the first AI Vape Kit with Voice control-AVENGER 270, IJOY will give away 10 winners on IJOY social Media platforms: facebook and instagram and here.

Winners will be announced all on 3rd, April. 

Follow& Check out:

 @ijoyglobal       https://www.instagram.com/p/Bgz0q_BFRfd/?taken-by=ijoyglobal

 @ijoytechnology https://www.facebook.com/IJOY.Technology/videos/2035115646771329/?hc_ref=ARQr-YTjqmiszBQDsNyERcoGTi-Ilon3mIH0ZnbMSt-D8RBLa7qNq4sJQbLUFpSXF8U&fref=nf

Follow us and take part in the Launching&Giveway activity, you will have a chance get the avenger 270 and special gift!

What’s your idea about avenger 270 and what will you talk to him here?

Comment below and we will pick random winners from the comment section.

The lucky ones will get special gift!

Good luck guys. IJOY is always with you!

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i just received mine and it did not come with batteries like the box and the website said it would.
Sorry dear, the giveaway winners get the kit without batteries all the time.
does the mod have a real time clock feature?
always losing my mod or placing it in a spot that i'm doing circles looking for it so calling out to it would be nice and locking the device with voice control b4 work or putting it my pocket will also help
what the heck !? holy man, avenger here boy c'mon fetch me some juice, gooood booy !! yes you are ! want a belly rub oh yes you do !.... unbelievable ! gonna need one to teach my capo 216 some new tricks :)
Thank you!
amazing looking e-cig!! i’d love to have one to review on my site www.thebeardeyvaper.co.uk
That's great!
always losing my mod or placing it in a spot that i'm doing circles looking for it so calling out to it would be nice and locking the device with voice control b4 work or putting it my pocket will also help
just when i think ijoy can't one up themselves, you go out and make the first ai mod!! the design is beautiful and some real teamwork went into making it, but have yo the cost? soon we will be following our new vape overlords, their capacity for intelligence will far exceed ours once. the rulers will become the robots, the ai will become all.
very cool this is the first ai mod! congrats at making another milestone! i would have him set alarms for me as a backup so i don;t oversleep, maybe have him play audiobooks if it ever gets that advanced! very impressed with ijoy lately, you all have put out some very cool stuff.
i love how sleek it looks and all of the great color options you went with! the voice control aspect is definitely different and innovative, people are going to love that about it for sure. it’s crazy how far we have come with matching vaping and technology together. i also really love that ijoy provides everything you need in one package so you just have to open the box and set it up! one of my favorite companies out there.
i love the look of the avenger270 it is just so sleek. the voice control is just an added bonus!! i would love to get to own this one day!! just so beautiful!!!
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