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In 2016, IJOY is ready to go, performance improved significantly, it is because IJOY caught RDTA category in 2016, and quickly achieved global sales No. 1 in this category! "Focus, ultimate, fast" has always been the spirit IJOY follow!
"One RDTA product sales exceeded one million sets is something we did not expect!" William said very plainly.
This year IJOY have launched two BOX mods, both are different to win, the first dual 26650 box mod LUX, the first quad 18650 box mod MAXO! These product types are not favored by other companies, but IJOY have made a good sales.
"I am thinking about what is the direction of 2017. IJOY is always developed with two strategies which the tank and the box mod are done together and done the best. So we combine our advantages and the RDTA BOX all in one box mod was born. We immediately registered the global trademark of RDTABOX, because before IJOY do this, there is no RDTABOX category at all!” William was very proud to say: “To do brand, creating category is a far-reaching thing!" In this year, IJOY take advantage of the situation, set up IJOY Film. William always thought that the film and the manufacturing are the same. The film is also a commercial product, but the form is not the same. 
So IJOY Film produced its first micro-film about vaping, the "VAPING HERO". William himself starred in order to let the industry know that RDTA BOX is created by IJOY, so in micro-film implanted in RDTA BOX products!



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