IJOY ACME VAPE, work on 20~30w, can reach biggest vapor, same as other sub ohm tank work on 50w or more. ijoy acme vape also able to work on 10w or les...
  1. what is the goods of IJOY ACME-VAPE?
  2. 2015 Revolutionary Top Airflow Sub Ohm Tank IJOY AC
  3. IJOY ACME VAPE,the most perfect sub ohm tank, bigge
  4. why sub ohm tank? why choose ACME?
Clearomizers/Tanks are now a staple of the electronic cigarette world and have become an incredibly popular and highly efficient device. a lot of clear...
  1. 1ohm ACME atomizer PK sub ohm tank
  2. advantage of acme, which is much better than sub oh
  3. is a sub-ohm tank right for you?
  4. IJOY electronic cigarette will be hot in the Korean



        IJOYGROUP CO. LTD is a high-tech enterprise which is dedicated to the development, production, and sales of electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and accessories. We own the brands of "IJOY" and "CIGPET" and the E-liquid "FIVETASTE". Mainly, we produce high-end and fashionable electronic cigarette products which can be recycled. We as a company promote the new idea of healthy smoking and are always on the frontline of electronic cigarette innovation.